what doesn’t kill me

17 02 2008

might make me laugh




3 responses

17 02 2008

Peace be upon you,

Really? Uhm. Some it seems in congruent or then quite insane. Or maybe I mis-understand…

Dont be sad

17 02 2008

there are times when our emotions get the better of us

there are times when we react “inappropriately”

there’s nervous laughter

there’s relieved laughter

notice, i wrote that it “might” make me laugh

chances are also good that I wouldn’t

thanks for watching

I enjoyed your new video, Dont be sad!

17 02 2008


Good of you to explain. I suppose in the epigram-esque is lost sometimes the context. Your explanation filled the gap, I understand better now.

Glad you liked the video–really.

Kind regards,

Dont be sad

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